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Enhancing Andalusian foodstuff

‘Asociación Empresarial Alimentos de Andalucía’ promotes Andalusian brands and their products through different activities such as: in-store promotions, participation in the main national/international fairs, exportation and commercial assistance, trade agendas, etc.

LANDALUZ services

LANDALUZ services

Three decades of service

We have been serving Andalusian companies from the agri-food sector for more than thirty years in order to highlight their brands and products as far as we can and in the best possible way.

In-store promotions

Since the beginning of the Association, our main sales promotion strategy is based on offering a wide portfolio of Andalusian quality products to the big distribution channels (both wholesalers and retailers) which will allow them to access new customers and/or adding new products to those into their stores.

LANDALUZ has carried out in-store promotions in both national and international distribution channels during all these years.

LANDALUZ has tried to improve and consolidate their sales promotions as a necessary and valuable element for the distribution channels’ offer.

On this matter, LANDALUZ transmit the demands of the agri-food sector to access both clients and final consumers in a professional and responsible manner, incorporating the added value of social responsibility via the ‘Andaluces Compartiendo’ Program and unifying all the communications under the image of ‘Andalucía Sabe’.


LANDALUZ has been present in a great deal of fairs inside and outside our borders since the beginning of the Association. Our main objective is taking a great representation of Andalusian quality brands to everyone’s eyes.

In this way, LANDALUZ provides Andalusian companies the access to the main clients and professionals visiting these fairs through our own stand or integrated in the stand of the Government of Andalusia.

It is really important for us to take part into these fairs as we aim to take a representation of Andalusia to every corner with our shared stands for several companies.

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Current situation for agri-food sector requires adaptation to our client’s needs. It is necessary for companies and the Associations representing to elaborate some strategies to accomplish this matter.

To open new trade channels, it is also necessary to make an effort to update commercial, promotional, logistic, material and human resources.

But, above all, updating the marketing and communication resources is fundamental for companies, as well as enhancing the collaboration between everyone involved in the value chain. Indeed, this collaboration will be beneficial for the final consumer.

With this objective, LANDALUZ gathers all the economic and social agents implicated in every company monthly.

These meetings allow them to share knowledge and worries. Each conference has diverse speakers from the public administration, institutions and entrepreneurs, where they exchange their experiences, opinions, and knowledge.

Conferences address the most diverse and current topics affecting the sector always having quality and collaboration as the differentiating elements.


LANDALUZ has developped an efficient service of consolidation and groupage for its international clients. In addition, we offer our associates and suppliers the possibility of entering a new market and/or gain new clients.

On one hand, we support our clients in the commercial area: negotiation with suppliers, product research, commercial offers preparation, etc. We act as interlocutors between our clients and suppliers.

On the other hand, we support our clients with logistics procedures as well: groupage and consolidation of products, deliveries and documentation (just one invoice). In short, we coordinate and supervise the whole logistic procedure with significant costs savings.

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HORECA channel

‘Andalucía Cocina’ is the link LANDALUZ created to bring together Andalusian products and the best kitchens and restaurants in Andalusia.

After publishing 10 books and digitalizing all its contents, ‘Andalucía Cocina’ includes more than 200 recipes made by the most recognized chefs in Andalusia just using foodstuff from the associated Andalusian companies.

‘Andalucía Cocina’ is currently a culinary inspiration of the valuable Andalusian products and professional chefs who empower our gastronomic recognition to the national and international level.


Something which is characteristic of LANDALUZ is definitively solidarity. After the economic recession of 2013, our project ‘Andaluces Compartiendo’ was born.

‘Andaluces Compartiendo’ is an initiative promoted by Fundación Cajasol, Fundación La Caixa and LANDALUZ which brings together Andalusian brands who are committed to donate foodstuffs to those who need them the most.

More than 4 million kg of foodstuffs have been donated by the participating companies.


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