The supporting body for the Management Board is the General Secretary, with executive functions performing works mandated by said Board relating to the performance and development of the Association’s activities.

After the Secretary, there are then the different departments that support the project, whose structure follows the model of any private company with the sole intention of becoming an extension of the companies that compose it.

  • General Secretary, Miguel Ángel Jiménez Segador.
  • Director of Institutional Relations and Communication & Marketing, Luis Gómez de las Cortinas Hortigón.
  • Department of Administration, Mariella Cingollani Coronel.
  • National Sales Department, Isabel Peralta Fuentes.
  • Economic and Financial Department, Miguel Ángel Puyuelo Tejero.
  • International Department:
    • Esteban Yañez Mira.
    • Francisco Manrique de Lara Quirós.
  • Department of Communication and Marketing, María Luisa Hurtado Urdiaín.

Miguel Ángel Jiménez Segador
General Secretary

Mariella Cingolani Coronel
Department of Administration

Miguel Ángel Puyuelo Tejero
Economic and Financial Department

Luis Gómez de las Cortinas Hortigón
Director of Institutional Relations and Communication & Marketing

Esteban Yañez Mira
International Department

Francisco José Manrique de Lara Quirós
International Department

Isabel Peralta Fuentes
National Sales Department

María Luisa Hurtado Urdiaín
Department of Communication and Marketing