LANDALUZ works towards internationalisation in response to the need to transfer the experience of national promotions in points of sale to international locations, given the increasing interest in from the companies involved in approaching other markets through their internationalisation plans.

LANDALUZ’s main aim through this service is to raise awareness and motivate related companies to embrace internationalisation, spread the quality image of Andalusian products abroad and increase sales of these products in foreign markets.

Since then, the organisation of PPVs in large distribution chains abroad, with the cooperation of Extenda, the Andalusian Agency for Promotion Abroad and its offices abroad, is one of the main services provided.

It is worth mentioning the participation in international food trade fairs such as:

The Association has developed a Comprehensive Consolidation Service or joint sales for international importers and retailers. LANDALUZ manages the entire offer, logistics and documentation process for the end customer combining products from different brands in a single shipment. The competitive advantage lies in facilitating the purchase action thus encouraging the opening of new markets and customers for its partners.

Due to the difficulties the partners have accessing international customers, LANDALUZ organises Indirect Commercial Missions as part of which said buyers are invited to Andalusia by the Association in order to hold business meetings with the member companies.

Similarly, the Association has taken part in various Direct Commercial Missions which have allowed us to present the range of products offered by our partners and the various services offered by LANDALUZ.