The current situation of the agrifood sector requires it to be adapted to the customer’s variables, it being necessary for companies and associations they represent to develop action strategies. To be able to open up new marketing channels as potential places to increase sales, it is important to recognise the extraordinary significance of modernisation concerning business, promotional, logistics, material and human resources. However, above all, and due to the situation we currently find ourselves in, it is essential for companies to modernise marketing and communication resources and to promote cooperation between the various links in the value chain. Cooperation which benefits the consumer.

LANDALUZ Asociación Empresarial Alimentos de Andalucía organises all kinds of events in its desire to provide more and better services to its partners in this field, in order to improve internal communication with the same and to grow the sense of belonging exponentially. Based on the agreement signed with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of Andalusia, thanks to an administrative grant concerning the area occupied by LANDALUZ in Hacienda de Quinto, each year the Association presents an action plan to give maximum visibility to said location and to generate as much traffic as possible, in business terms, as a meeting point for all those involved in the sector.

With this in mind, LANDALUZ meets on a monthly basis, in a relaxed atmosphere, the economic and social parties involved in the activity of any agrifood company. These working meetings promote the exchange of knowledge and concerns.  The events represent: Administration, institutions and entrepreneurs, during which the confluence of opinions, the exchange of experiences and the influx of thoughts that lead to better and greater knowledge of the reality of the Andalusian agri-food sector prevails. The events cover various current topics affecting the sector, all approached in terms of quality and collaboration as differentiating elements in the efforts of companies to conquer and position themselves in new markets.

In this respect, LANDALUZ holds the following events in its offices in Hacienda de Quinto:

  • Meetings between LANDALUZ and large distribution.
  • Business meetings at Hacienda de Quinto
  • Forum for agrifood companies and large distribution.
  •  Technical workshops on:
  1. Internationalisation.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility.
  3. The HORECA sector.Etc.