LANDALUZ, Asociación Empresarial Alimentos de Andalucía, is the reference entity in the Andalusian agrifood sector, accounting for almost 40% of total billing in the sector within the community, which puts the spotlight on the specific weight it has as an agroindustrial business owner.

LANDALUZ provides, for the development of the Andalusian agrifood sector, a wide range of actions relating to the various action areas within business standards to date, such as internationalisation, sales promotions in the distribution channels, promotion of associationism, as well as mergers and partnerships, the constant diversification and innovation of products and their formats, continuous investment in technology, as well as a greater focus on consumer preferences and habits.

Its fundamental role in the sector is to encourage agrifood companies to open up to national and international markets as potential places to increase their sales. The Andalusian agrifood industry develops a wide range of products, with some characteristics thereof being dependent on cultural, social and environmental circumstances in Andalusia.

These characteristics, combined with an extraordinary level of quality, give many of our products a great reputation, taking the benefits of the Mediterranean diet worldwide. The characteristics of the product that differentiate it from other similar ones, such as its origin, beneficial health properties, traditional and natural methods of development or respect for the environment in its production, are characteristics of differentiated quality.