Welcome to www.landaluz.es, a space promoted by LANDALUZ Asociación Empresarial Alimentos de Andalucía, with one intention, to promote Andalusian agrifood production.

25 years after the creation of the Asociación de Usuarios del Distintivo de Calidad ALIMENTOS DE ANDALUCÍA, a joint public and private initiative, LANDALUZ has been involved with its current project for over 15 years. A group of companies working on an international project within a key sector of the Andalusian economy, agrifood.

A group of companies working on an international project within a key sector of the Andalusian economy, agrifood.

Over the years, many companies have been involved in this project and many of them continue to be involved today, over 100 in fact. Four Chairmen have preceded me in the role and I would like to thank them for all their hard work making LANDALUZ what it is today: Juan Moreno Tocino, Carlos Núñez Pol, Ángel Camacho Perea and Manuel Jurado Toro. To date, our business association represents 70% of the sector with average turnover of 4 billion Euros and generating over 20,000 direct jobs.

During these years, the project has increased its level of representation adding partners involved in producing foods under the umbrella of quality, the sales promotion of their brands, cooperation with the agrifood industry and development of common actions to conquer international markets.

Álvaro Guillén –  Chairman of LANDALUZ.

It also highlights the profound effort that the sector has made to modernise, with the undeniable and tangible innovations that have been distinguished by their research, development and innovation that have placed us at the forefront.

LANDALUZ has made significant efforts to strength each of the services and activities offered to its partners, with a greater presence of the brands from its companies in distribution chains worldwide, improved attendance at the sector’s main trade fairs at both national and international levels, as well as the training of entrepreneurs, the introduction of corporate social responsibility programmes and the promotion of business communication.

During these four years, many of the services have been consolidated, which formed part of an initial phase and was something we all wanted along with the International Department, since these measures have allowed our entry into different markets and agreements have been signed with various organisations.

The aim of this website is to transgress topics and borders, by which certain sectors are governed, with the richness of our land gathering in a melting pot of cultures, where the combination of people involved and food concerned makes us truly special. Thank you to everyone who supports us on a daily basis.


We hope that you enjoy what we do as much as us.

Álvaro Guillén – Chairman of LANDALUZ.